Membership into our Society Watch is open to citizens who share the mission, vision and values championed by the Intersociety.  Members shall not be discriminated against on the grounds of sex, disability (other than chronic mental challenges), religion, sectional origin and education. But as a knowledge-based organization, literacy and versatility as well as integrity are an advantage.   Procedures and criteria for membership as well as rejection of same are clearly spelt out in the membership form.  Conducts contrary to our vision, mission and values are a major criterion for membership rejection and expulsion.

 Membership into Society Watch is purely voluntary. The Society Watch membership is not for money making or a business enterprise.  It is designed to groom those with potentials to transform our society and make it a better place. Service to Humanity remains the corner stone of the Society Watch. Also, the conducts of members and leadership of the Society Watch determine its longevity or the otherwise.

Six Steps for Joining the Society Watch:

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