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Before Nnamdi Kanu Is Murdered In DSS Captivity & Goes The Way Of Yusuf Mohammed (2) By Southeast Based Coalition Of Human Rights Organizations (SBCHROs)
Intersociety, Anambra CLO, FJEDHR & Electricity Consumers Forums Rise Against EEDC In Southeast Nigeria
One United Nigeria: An Act Of Impossibility Under Buhari Presidency, Except By Referendum
Onitsha Killings: How IGP Solomon Arase Wasted Blood Of Innocent Picketers To Save His IGPship By Southeast Based Coalition Of Human Rights Organizations (SBCHROs)
Before Citizen Nnamdi Kanu Goes The Way Of Muhammed Yusuf (1) By Southeast Based Coalition Of Human Rights Organizations (SBCHROs)
Unconstitutional Laws & Court Orders On Rampage In Nigeria: A Case Against Hon Justice Adeniyi Ademola Of The Federal High Court (Abuja Division) & Section 27 (1) Of The Terrorism Prevention Act Of 2011(as amended)
The Return Of Black Sheep In The Nigerian Judiciary: DSS On Rampage Against Dasuki & Kanu Using Trumped Charges, Kangaroo Court Orders & Abusive Power Of Arrest
EEDC-A Tragedy Of Electricity Sector (Distribution) Privatization In Nigeria & Uncovering Of Its Unchecked Fraudulent Activities Against Citizens Of The Southeast: A Case-Study Of Ogbaru, Onitsha & Ogidi Business Units (2)
Nigerian Army’s Riot Act To Non Violent Self Determination Agitators: An Intention To Commit Crimes Against Humanity
Hall Of Infamy Award: Southeast Human Rights Coalition Names DSS As Chief Enemy Of Democracy & Rule Of Law In Nigeria For 2015
Saving Nigerian Judiciary And Democracy From The Hands Of Dictatorial Executive Arm: A Case Against Executive Recklessness & Excesses In Rivers & Akwa Ibom Governorship Judicial Reviews & Extra-Judicial Detention Of Citizen Nnamdi Kanu Of IPOB
60 Constitutional Sins & Breaches Of Buhari’s Presidency & 150 Days In Office Without Cabinet
How DSS Compounds & Complicates Nnamdi Kanu’s Detention: From Judicial To Extra-Judicial Captivity
Brig-Gen Ransome-Kuti’s Ordeal In The Hands Of Nigerian Army: Our Encounter With Femi Falana & Emergence Of More Facts
True Position In Nnamdi Kanu’s Conditional Bail & Continued Detention: Another Vindication For Intersociety
Unanswered Questions Trailing Nnamdi Kanu’s Reported Bail & Continued Detention
Probing Questions Over The Arrest Of Nnamdi Kanu & Dismissal Of Brig-Gen Ransome Kuti
Consequences Of Unaddressed Injustice: Masterweb CEO’s Case Against Nigeria
Armed Forces Operational Reforms: Departing From Crude To Modern Soldiering
1,700 Terror Killings & Renewed Bombings Under Buhari: Chasing Bomb Detonators With Machetes
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Updated !!! The Military Massacre Operations In Eastern Nigeria: 30th August 2015-14th Sept 2017

  • Remains Of Slain Victims Of Military Massacre In Eastern NigeriaRead more
  • Remains Of Slain Victims Of Military Massacre In Eastern NigeriaRead more