Our Values


At Intersciety Nigeria, transparency remains one of our core guiding principles. Defining an NGO without transparency is an incomplete definition. To retain public confidence in our activities, we must be transparent at all times.


We totally lack moral competence to demand accountability from governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental bodies if we are not accountable to ourselves and the public. Accountability remains one of our guiding principles at all times.

Integrity & Standards:

A competent NGO is a nimble and an unbiased evaluator of the social activities of government institutions, inter-government institutions, social enterprises, business enterprises and members

of the civil populace. And as such, an NGO must have integrity and unbiased standards of social evaluation. At Intersociety, this core value is entrenched.

Capacity Building:

Capacity Building: But for capacity building, Intersociety would not have existed. Our founder (Emeka Umeagbalasi) benefited immensely from capacity building resources offered by the CLO and the Human Rights Watch. His journey to seminal citadel dates back to 1989 when he wrote his first letter to VOA and was given a copy of the American History. Then he was a pauper, who went into nine and a half years trade apprenticeship with First School Leaving Certificate. Today, he has successfully completed his bachelor’s degree in prestigious Criminology & Security Studies at NOUN. He is also an alumnus of the US State Department’s International Visitor’s Leadership Program on” NGO Management in USA”-Class of June 2013. Capacity Building is a next door neighbor to creativity and one of our core values at Intersociety. It is designed for our board, executive and volunteer members as well as members of the public.


Creativity rules the world after God, not persons. An NGO lacking creative resources is not worthy of being one. At Intersociety, creativity gave birth to her. We offer maximum opportunities for creativity and assembling and grooming of creative societal leaders and reformers of today and tomorrow.

Public Impact:

The original idea behind the invention of “NGO” after the Second World War was to touch the lives of the people in a manner far better than their previous conditions-positive impact. For records, the first international NGO was Anti-Slavery International, formed in 1839. As our Motto-“Taking the Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law Campaigns to the Grassroots” indicates, public impact remains our activities’ corner-stone.