Full Text of The Nigerian Dream & The Rights Of The Youths, The Oppressed & The Voiceless

Origin of Social Contract 


How Nigerian Army Massacred 150 Pro Biafra Activists & Hurriedly Declared Them Terrorists Using Python Dance II As A Cover To Escape Accountability (1)

220 Killings In The Past 15 Days Of May 2018:

Nigeria Receding To Total Regime Collapse And Anarchy

Buhari’s US Visit And Unveiling Of New Foreign Policy Of Cattletocratic Islamism At Whitehouse


Beyond The Communiqué Of The Catholic Bishops & CAN’s Call For All Christians Protest Over The Killing Of Christians In Nigeria:Other Available Lawful Steps At Disposal Of Nigerian Christian Leaders

Benue Catholic Church Massacre As Further Confirmation Of Ongoing Islamic Jihad & Federal Government Complicity


Imminence Of Extinction Of Christianity & Rise Of Islamic Caliphate In Southern And Old Middle-Belt Nigeria & Lessons From Global Killing Of  270m Christians & Ors Since 622AD By Political Islam

ICC President’s Official Visit To Accused State Of Nigeria:

A Threat Capable Of Undermining Independence And Integrity Of The Court

Others Borrow To Transform While Nigeria Under Buhari Borrows To Become World Capital Of Poverty

Looters On Rampage In Nigeria:

Over $302b (N66.7t) Squandered & Siphoned By Nigeria’s Federal Political Criminals Since 2003 Using Dishonest Party Politics & Ethno-Religious Sentiments

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