Intersociety’s Organs

·         1. Board of Trustees: This is the supreme organ of the organization. The Chairman of the Board oversees all the activities of the organization. He is also the Lead-ED of the Society Watch.

2. Society Watch: This is a membership organ created to give members of the civil populace, desirous of contributing to the betterment of the society a chance. It is a body of volunteers governed by a body of elected executives with prescribed tenures.

3. Executive Management: This organ is headed by an ED. It comprises all paid staffs, who oversee the day-to-day running of the organization.

4. Auditors: This is a body of internal auditors responsible for account auditing of our organization

5, Advisory Council: This is a body of chosen reputable personalities who play fatherly and advisory roles for the re-positioning and growth of our organization.

6. ADR Bureau: This is a body of peace and dispute/conflict resolution experts. This Bureau is created in response to need to educate individuals and public on the importance of using alternative dispute resolution resource to solve their disagreements and disputes/ conflicts than to resort to self-help dispute approach or embroiled in long and expensive litigation's. Its target audiences are intra and inter personal and group disputants